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A Festival Celebrating our Cultural Wealth
featuring art in the most amazing places

Grand Opening
Friday October 6 – 2pm
The Hall

In October, the historic town of Parrsboro becomes the canvas for a vibrant and diverse festival in celebration of maritime cultural richness. ’10 Days in October’ featured artists of both local and international renown, as well as events and cultural programming unique to the spectacular Bay of Fundy.

The idea for the festival was hatched in 2014, culminating in a showcase for regional art hosted by Art Lab Studios and Gallery.  Watch the promo video.

’10 Days in October’ offers a rich palette of experiences for many tastes: A town-wide exhibition of artists who capture Nova Scotia’s diverse geography and multi-faceted spirit in their work.

Featured Artists ExhibitionOctober 6 -15
Single Artist Collection Exhibition –  October 6 -15
3D Artists ExhibitionOctober 6 -15
Exhibition Walking ToursDaily October 6 -15
– Youth Exhibition October 6 -15
A Ship’s Company Script ReadingOctober 6th
Iron and Fire – Knife Making- Course October 6th
Oktoberfest with The Elastic Big BandOctober 7th
FGM’s Celebration of FallOctober 7th
Composition & the Art of ‘Seeing’ – CourseOctober 7th
Theresa Malenfant in ConcertOctober 8th
Rhododendrons come to Parrsboro October 11th
Stone Carving – CourseOctober 14th
Introduction to Printmaking – WorkshopOctober 14th
Music at the BistroOctober 14th
Wire Wrap Tree –  WorkshopOctober 14th
Sketch CrawlOctober 15th

Press – 2016

“Congratulations on your new festival, 10 Days in October. This ‘cultural feast’ is another terrific way that Parrsboro Creative is building a vibrant creative community.”Hon. Tony Ince, Minister, Communities, Culture and Heritage (2016)

“We’re celebrating creativity in people’s lives here in Parrsboro.”Robert More, Executive Director, Parrsboro Creative.

Parrsboro rolls out its artistic side.


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