Investing in Parrsboro Creative

We own no assets, no buildings, no vehicles and we have no plans to. We don’t rent or lease properties for industry. We won’t be doing that either.

We don’t own anything except a vision and a plan for a secure future for Parrsboro and area based on the development of a cultural economy. People are our asset. People who create works of art or fine craft and people who work hard to make this vision a self-sustaining reality.

We ask you to invest in Parrsboro Creative to ensure that the best people are attracted to Parrsboro and become the best driving force in establishing the cultural economy: the best artists, the best artisans and the best creative entrepreneurs.

How can I invest?

No amount is too much or too little. We want to put your investment to the best possible use and will use your investment in the following ways:

  • To establish a meaningful incentive fund to assist selected artists to relocate here.
  • To provide property owners renovation incentives for gallery and studio development in the core focal area.
  • To maintain a high quality staff, entrusted to secure the desired artists and market the creative results to the world.
  • To ensure that Parrsboro continues to be the wonderful community it has always been and becomes a truly one-of-a-kind attraction in Maritime Canada.

Whether you choose to invest twenty dollars, twenty thousand, or commit your studio/property to this development you can be assured that it will go to building a positive future for Parrsboro.

The Return on Investment

When you invest in the Parrsboro Creative vision you will not realize traditional returns.

What you can expect in return is the building of a better, more secure future for you, your family and your neighbours.

You can measure your returns this way

  • A stabilized and growing population
  • Young vibrant neighbours wanting to ensure Parrsboro remains the perfect place to bring up their family
  • A vibrant school environment, offering a high level academic experience
  • New families to keep volunteerism alive
  • Opportunity for new businesses, from service business to construction
  • Opportunity for new medical and dental service
  • More tax payers on which to base better community services

All this and more is possible based on the flourishing cultural economy in development by Parrsboro Creative.

Make a Donation:

Supporter 20$ – $50
Cultural economist $51- $100
Community investor $101- $500
Patron $501- $1000
Cultural Economy Believer $1,001 – the moon

To discuss donating to Parrsboro Creative further please contact the chair, Michael Fuller; the vice chair, David Beattie; or the Executive Director, Robert More. Parrsboro Creative, PO Box 40, Parrsboro, NS. Canada B0M 1S0

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