2018 Residencies August 1 to October 15

Parrsboro Creative’s Artist-In Residence Program offers opportunities for visual artists to live and work in Parrsboro for periods ranging from 2 to 8 weeks. Artists-in-residence are provided with studio space, accommodation, and a weekly honorarium.

Applications Deadline: March 1, 2018 – Registrations are closed
Residency Time period: August 1 to October 15, 2018

Residency Program Objectives

• To provide a stimulating, supportive environment that promotes artistic exploration
• To encourage interest in Parrsboro as an art and cultural hub – regionally, nationally, internationally
• To invite artists to explore their ideas and practice within the context of the Bay of Fundy/Minas Basin region
• To further the dynamic interplay between art and community as an organic part of everyday living, thereby enriching the quality of life through art
• To develop the connection between arts and education
• To enhance Parrsboro’s reputation for being a cultural-tourism destination as a community of creative thinkers and explorers

Program Details

• Time Frame: 2 to 8 weeks;
• Artists will be provided with: Studio space. Comfortable housing and a stipend of $300 per week;
• Opportunities for Audience/Public engagement;
• Artists will be responsible for: Covering costs associated with the purchase of materials, shipment of artwork/supplies and Daily Living & Travel expenses;

Important to Note:
The studio spaces are on Main Street and the artists must be prepared to welcome the public into their studio space for selected hours.

Artist Activities, Opportunities and Responsibilities :
• Artists will have the opportunity to be part of a thriving artist community
• Artists will be included in all Parrsboro Creative cultural events
• Artists will be invited to engage with the community, and with the Youth Artist Resident program. The nature and time of these engagements will be determined by the skills and interest of each artist.

The residency studio shall be open on a daily basis to the public for a minimum of 4 hours per day, each and every day of the week during the term of the residency. The scheduling of the open period shall be determined by mutual agreement between the Artist and the Company.


Comissions / Art Sales during Residency

• Artists are welcome to bring previously created work for sale with a commission of 30% to Parrsboro Creative;
• There will be a 25% commission to Parrsboro Creative on works of art sold that are created during the residency.

Artist Eligibility

• Applications are open to a range of disciplines within the visual arts;
• Artists from all levels in their career who exhibit a strong professional work ethic and a collaborative attitude are invited to apply.

Selection Process

• Artists will be selected using a panel review process to consider the following criteria: overall merit of work, readiness to engage with the community, potential to develop creative practice. References of finalists will be contacted.
• A conference call between each the finalists and the review panel may be conducted before acceptance into the residency program.

Application Requirements

• CV or Resume (4-page maximum)
• Contact info for three references (Name, email, phone number, relationship)
• Artist Statement (300 words) & Artist Bio (150 words)
• Portfolio of work: 5 Images maximum; 2 Videos or Links
• Written Documents in response to the following:

1) We would like to know about you, your work, and why you wish to apply for this residency (500 words maximum)
2) Tell us about what your approach to the interaction between an artist and her/his community. (300 words maximum)
3) Artists are expected to engage with the community. Given this requirement, what ways would interest you most in engaging with the community? (300 words maximum)

Application Fee – $20 cdn  – Payable online.

If you have questions, please contact:
Robert More
Executive Director
Parrsboro Creative
Ph: 902-278-2007
E: [email protected]

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